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Join us for our series on What Jesus Prays For

Date and Time: Sunday mornings beginning August 28, 2016 @ 10:45 am

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Regular Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 10:45 am

Studies in the Gospel of John

New Series: What Jesus Prays For         John 17:1-26

Message #1 Jesus prays for His glory John 17:1-5  (August 28)

Message #2 Jesus prays for the disciples’ preservation John 17:6-12  (September 4)

Message #3 Jesus prays for the disciples’ protection John 17:13-16 (September 11)

Message #4 Jesus prays for the disciples’ sanctification John 17:17-19 (September 18)

Message #5 Jesus prays for our unity John 17:20-23 (September 25)

Message #6 Jesus prays for our eternity John 17:24-26 (October 2)